Anne Marie A.
I’ve been a patient of Dr. Greene’s since 1999 and I would not see anyone else, ever! She’s totally patient-focused, comforting and fun, warm, smart as all heck, gives you straight info & helps you to understand the ups & downs of every option, and she’s truthful & knowledgeable about what her patients will experience. Dr. Greene helped me through a perimenopause that seemed to never end, and took me through a hysterectomy that was seamless due to her attention & care. She is the consummate physician/healer–she is there all the way for her patients, no matter how long it takes, she’s with you and attending to you. I adore Dr. Greene and am so grateful for her!

Judith R.
Dr. Greene personifies everything you look for in a Doctor. She is a true professional with extraordinary knowledge and expertise. But even more important today, she is kind, she listens and she is supportive! Her incredible staff are great as well!!!!! I give DR. GREENE 10 stars.

Jodi P.
With Miriam Greene you get the whole package. A true professional woman, secure in her Intelligence about her specialty, and incredibly caring, funny and available. She is my “go to” person, not only for me, but for my whole family’s medical referrals and questions. An honest, straightforward response is always given. She listens and speaks to you as if you grew up with her as a good friend. My mid-20 year old daughter loves her as well. She is the Dr Ruth of our time. Love her!!

Langley L.
My go to lady physician for almost 25 years. I do. It know what I would do without her patience, humor, wonderful staff but above all her knowledge and unique warm personality. She is a mensch and I am so grateful for her. She always makes time to answer any questions and does so in a way that never makes me feel awkward or embarrassed. Not only an excellent physician but an excellent human being.

Fara S.
Dr. Greene is a fantastic doctor. The staff is very professional and pleasant. The atmosphere in the office is very warm and caring. It looks like the negative reviews below are fake.

Update: Dr Greene delivered my healthy, beautiful baby. She was amazing! I wish a doctor like her for when my daughter becomes a mom.