About Dr. Greene

Miriam Greene, MD, is a leading OB/GYN with a state-of-the-art practice dedicated to serving the female health needs in Murray Hill, New York, and the surrounding region. Striving to provide patients with individualized care based on their medical, health, and lifestyle needs and concerns, Dr. Greene offers patient-centered treatment and care for an array of women’s health issues, including menopause, vaginal dryness, dyspareunia (painful intercourse), hormonal imbalance issues, and a full complement of gynecology and obstetrics care. In addition, the practice offers minimally invasive surgery options for hysterectomy, oophorectomy, fibroid removal, and the innovative MonaLisa Touch® laser system for women suffering from vaginal atrophy.

With a medical degree from New York University School of Medicine, a top medical school in the country, and an affiliation with the NYU Langone Medical Center, a world renown institution, Dr. Greene is recognized as a skilled and compassionate provider of OB/GYN care and women’s health services. Her prior experience as a licensed physical therapist provides her with a unique and informed perspective on all sorts of health needs and lifestyle issues. As a trusted and respected OB/GYN, Dr. Greene has authored and edited several books on obstetrics and gynecology topics including, Your Pregnancy Companion and Frankly Pregnant. Dr. Greene has traveled to Africa to consult with Women’s Health Clinics in Kenya and provide advice and recommendations for the care and treatment of women in need of family planning and safe sexual practices.

In addition to caring for her patients, Dr. Greene is the host of the Doctor Radio Sexual Health and Well Being Show on Sirius XM Radio discussing all things female. She also enjoyed playing herself on “Sex and the City,” delivering the baby for the character, Miranda. Although she enjoyed the experience, Dr. Greene says she’d never trade it for her day job and sometimes night time as well, which provides her with wonderful, new adventures and regular opportunities to meet new people. Her motto is, “Try to never say no, as long as it’s safe.”

In her “off hours,” Dr. Greene enjoys spending time with her husband of 25 years – also a physician – and her 2 daughters and their families seeing plays and movies, not to mention the occasional game of golf. She sings in a nightclub from time to time from the Great American Songbook.

Dr. Miriam Greene is now certified by the the North American Menopause Society (NAMS)!

W E  D I D  I T – our son Noam Gabriel Sheleg was born on Monday, April 27th at 7.40pm in NYC. I was blessed with a very fast and easy delivery.

Oddly enough, out of my three deliveries at @nyulangone , it’s the most peaceful I’ve seen the hospital. The staff was extra cautious and available, the maternity floor was quiet without the bustle of visitors coming in and out. Aside from the nurses and doctors wearing PPE, it felt like a perfectly normal, stress-free environment. You would never guess that we are at the epicenter of a global pandemic.

Special thanks to my amazing OBGYN Dr Greene- who always brings me so much reassurance, laughter and unrivaled availability. I know very few doctors that spend the entire labor with you- this is the kind of doctor Dr Greene is. Going to her practice to see her and her team were the highlights of my three pregnancies. 

Massive thank you to the nurses and staff at @nyulangone who went above and Beyond to make us feel safe and comfortable despite the stress the hospital is under.

Thank you to the anesthesiologists who promptly gave me an epidural in my rapidly-evolving labor. Special mention for the attending anesthesiologist who, after hearing Yoni and I speak Hebrew, sang us a Jewish blessing just before I delivered.

Thank you to the man who wheeled me down from my room and helped me carry all my bags, car seat and newborn because Yoni wasn’t allowed back in the hospital.

Welcome to our world, Noam! You complete us

“While at the ISSWSH (International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health) conference in Atlanta, I had the honor of keeping company with the smartest and most gifted menopausal specialists in the country. They inspire and teach me always.”

– Miriam Greene, MD